An Interview With MiniToon

Game developer @DaRealMiniToon or known on Roblox as MiniToon is no regular developer. He is the developer of many hit Roblox games including Piggy, Iron Assault, and Containment Breach and many more. Today we have an interview with this truly amazing Game Developer and get some inside news on his game development life. You won’t want to miss it.

Question: Who and/or what made you start game development on ROBLOX?

Answer: Funnily enough, it started because my friend’s friend made a pixel art place that got 800 visits which was massive for me, and he kept bragging about it, so I made a ton of free modeled games until one eventually worked (this was in 2014 when I knew nothing about scripting at all-). My first successful game was just a FNAF clone.

Question: How did you learn? What made you keep going with game development?

Answer: I learnt from lots of places. I started to learn from free models, going through their scripts and such. Then, I started learning from the wiki and devforum afterwards in 2016 since free models were very inefficient and unreliable at times, as you probably know.

Question: How did you feel when your hit game, Piggy became so popular?

Answer: I made Piggy as a fun little game for my friends and I to mess around with a pathfinding AI. It was just a Granny clone, and then it exploded out of nowhere. I didn’t really expect it at all, so I immediately jumped to making it as different as possible.

Question: What traits should someone starting game development on ROBLOX have?

Answer: Treat your followers very well. They are the ones playing your game and supporting you. Without them, your game would probably not be updated and your motivation to continue making it wouldn’t be very much either. Also, never go in expecting to make money. The moment you start thinking more about money and less about gameplay, your game will not realize its full potential. I suggest thinking about paid features only after the game is entirely planned.

Question: And lastly, what tips do you have for any new game developer on ROBLOX?

Answer: A lot from question 4. Make sure what you are making is also something you are very passionate about. If you make something that you don’t really wanna make but you feel like it would be successful, it will most likely flop. Make something with your heart and not your mind, if that makes any sense. I made Piggy just to play with my friends because it seemed like a really fun thing to do, and so I was motivated to make it. If I made it without even wanting to play it, it would be very different than what it is today.

That’s it for the interview. I’d like to thank @DaRealMiniToon for doing this interview and you can find his social media below!

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