An Interview With MissShu

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Renowned clothing designer, 2018 Bloxy Award winner, and former co-founder of Boho Salon, MissShu, is no stranger to ROBLOX, with countless achievements on the platform and being a ROBLOX toy.

What influenced you to pursue clothing design?

In 2015, I was obsessed with my friend MissChu's (

work as a clothing designer. I decided to give it a go and downloaded and that's when everything started.

How did you learn clothing design, and from whom?

I learned everything by myself at first, then my friends like MissChu, Arcyx and Mockeri helped me a lot to learn so many techniques and I will be forever thankful to them. Today I am coming up with new techniques that I like to use and I am really happy where I am today.

What have you learned from being a clothing designer

"I learned that everything is possible."

I learned the value of friendship, how to draw, how to develop a high standard game and so many other things.

What would you like to tell new designers?

Don't give up and stop doing roblox trend clothes, be unique!

Although he is done with this interview, he isn't done designing!

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