Blender 3D Overview

Hello, I'm a experienced Roblox Developer. I do 3D modeling and Roblox Studio building also. Today, I would like too talk about what "Blender" is. What you can do on the software also.

What is Blender?

Blender is a 3D modeling software that is totally free. Most 3D modeling software can go up too $5,000/yr. Blender can do multiple things than just 3D modeling. You can do animations, rendering, Texturing, Shadowing.

What is the advantage of using blender?

Using blender makes the game more cartoony in some cases. Roblox Studio does not offer that chance of smooth parts. Roblox Studio is a good platform but, Blender gives you more tools too work with.

What files do you have too use upload meshes?

In some cases, Roblox does not support weird files. Most of the files Roblox supports are OBJ and FBX any other files the mesh that your uploading will be given a error and you will not be able too upload the mesh.

Blender, is a very creative way too show off your rendering and modeling which makes your builds even better and more creative way. I hope this article helps you find out that you should be using blender. Bye!