Disparrel's Music Article

Disparrel's Music Article

Hello all you lovely aspiring Roblox Developers!

Welcome to my little Music Article!

Hey all, I’m Disparrel. And I’m a Music Composer. I presume you come here to learn about Music? Well you’re in luck my friend. I am the god at Music!

So first things first, let’s get straight down into the importance of Music Production:

Music Production is a common-ly, used thing for most games. (i.g, Super Mario, and more!) Well, have you ever thought about how important it is on Roblox too? If you haven’t already, Music Production is the main aspect of a game that can set an environments mood, this could be a chill mood, to a cold, dark, fire, anger mood. I highly insist upon you trying Music Production if you haven’t already.

Now, let’s talk about Music Composers and Producers in games:

Music Composers in a game such as Mario, as I referred to earlier, their Composers can make you know, around hundreds of thousands per year. It’s astonishing to think about that, but It’s really true. As I mentioned above, when we talked about The Importance of Composers, I said Music and Audio is the main aspect of a game. It brings it to life almost, sets the mood. Makes the players, playing feel sad, happy, alone, cold, deep in a battle, or anything. Music Producing on the other hand, Isn’t simple. Music you see in your top-notch, 2020 game takes hours to write out on sheet in a language we all like to call “Sheet Music”, in other words, Music Language.

I myself, as a Music Composer. Am I under-valued? What’s my stance on my position? Do people like me? How did I get popular in a 4-month time?

Well, *insert chuckling here*, I’ll first talk about how I got so popular in the community in such a short time.

It was mid-December 2019, I was listening to all these great audio’s made by the Roblox community, and all of those kinds of things. So I’m like, alright, I’ll try this. If I don’t like it, I wont do it. Well here I am. I originally used an app on Google Play on my phone called Maestro. (it sucked), and I did my first ever commission on it. I now use Soundtrap, but who cares, I’ll get to the point.

I kept doing so many commissions, and everybody loved the music I was making. So I kept trying, until today which I will face it as, I am one of the best Composers we have in the Roblox Community. Sure, there’s loads others that could do better than me, and you could too if you try! Never give up, keep going forward my friends.

Now, my stance on my position isn’t the best, It isn’t the worst either. It’s in between all that, good and bad. I don’t focus on music as much as I used to, but, all aside. You get it.

I personally do not think my work is undervalued. I usually charge from 500-1k, depending on what needs to be done. Of course, if it’s like a 5-minute track, I’m immediately going to charge like 2000 Robux for it, but. You get my point here. *I do not think my work is undervalued.*

Are you a good Composer? How do I become like you?

I wouldn’t consider myself a “good” Composer. A lot of people though, say I am excellent, and that I am one of the best we have in the Community.

To become like me, keep trying. Never give up, and you’ll go a long, long, way.

Until you see me again, thank you all for reading. And I hope to see some new Composers, in the coming future. Goodbye!

Contact me:

Discord: Disparrel#1552

Twitter: @Disparrel