Environmental Building 101

Hi there, I’m Buildite, I’m a game developer on Roblox and I specialize in cartoony/low-poly building.


Environmental Building is among the many styles and aspects of building, and to be more broad, game development. It is basically a mix of terrain and other environmental properties and low-poly models. Environmental building is used in games like Vesteria and Dungeon Quest. There are also several builders that build in this style. This includes me, r0cu (@realr0cu), and ArsaMate (@ArsaMate.

Dungeon Quest (vCaffy)

Vesteria (berezaa)

The Voyage (ObviouslyPurple, Masenyy2)

Path of Life (r0cu)

Forest Path (ArsaMate)


Environmental Building is very unique. It is a mix of terrain and cartoony models/assets, which may include trees, barrels, flowers, houses, and more. To make environmental builds, you must include both of these.

First off, make terrain and shape it the way you want for the scene. This is available on the terrain tool button in Studio. Use materials and colors that correspond to the style of your build. (Winter, summer, fantasy, etc.) Feel free to add grass (enable decorations on the terrain properties, you must be using grass terrain), as it enhances the depth and detail of the build. Also, adjust it the way you want. There are several terrain tools that will assist you.

Once you are done with terrain, you must add assets and models for the build. You can 3D-model them (there are plenty of tutorials) or use some you already may have or are available to you. Make sure the models and the terrain go together, for instance, it is not reasonable for one to have beach assets on winter-styled terrain. If you’re going for a forest, you could make flowers, trees, crates, logs, insects, and more. You could also make a house or two for the build. Detail is essential, so make sure you include lots of details. Small adjustments can make a huge difference. Vesteria includes a variety of assets accompanying its vivid terrain. It consists of mushrooms, trees, village houses, and so on.

In addition, lighting is also important. It provides contrast, brightness, vividness, fog, and more! It also provides depth. I’d suggest using the ShadowMap lighting technology, it makes it look quite nice.

You can always take other developers‘ builds as a reference to help you picture what you will build. Feel free to look at my builds below or on other people’s posts on twitter, there are loads of amazing resources and inspirations.







(Buildite) CONCLUSION:

Environmental Building is an amazing and unique building style used by many developers. You can make amazing builds like these too!

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