How to make a now playing, music system!

Today I will teach you how to make a now playing music system! Let's get started:


First off make a ScreenGui and then make a text label inside it and give it a name!

You can design it however you wan't but I've choosen a minimalistic design.


Insert a local script into the textlabel and write this code here and insert a folder in ReplicatedStorage and Name it Music and then add sounds into it:


local Main = script.Parent

local Music1 = game.ReplicatedStorage.Music.Music1


while true do

Main.Text = "Now Playing: "..Music1.Name



--[[ use the format from above to make more musics and if you are gonna add more make sure to make a variable defining them! ]]--


Soo you are done! It's very simple and easy to make and if you have any questions regarding this systen, make sure to list them in the comments below!