Intro To Tables

Hello! Today I will be teaching you most of the stuff you need to know about tables, in Roblox Lua! Lets get started:

1. Making Tables

- To make tables you just make a local variable and then make it equal to these brackets {}.

<Example:> local Table = {nil, nil, nil}

2. Table.insert

- Table.create is used to insert functions or values into tables manually through a script, as it could be used for an example for a player list.

<Example:> table.insert(Table, nil) -- we used the previous created table

4. Table.remove

- Table.remove is used to remove values from the table that is specified in the code.

<Example:> table.remove(Table, 2) -- we used the previous created table

5. Table.concat

- Table.concat is used to organize the tables, like in the code sample shown below it will print the values inside the table with a space and a dot after each one.

<Example:> table.concat(Table, " .") -- we used the previous created table






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